Join the Winter 2024 Rising Strong Men’s Support Group
Starting Jan 26, 2024

Discover how to embrace a more modern masculinity while developing greater connection and fulfillment in your relationships and life.

The world has changed in so many ways. For men, their roles and expectations have gotten more complex and more demanding.

Men have so few role models for how to be a strong and yet emotionally available partner, parent, leader or just a trusted friend.

What I also know from my experience is that – while ALL of us long for deep and meaningful connection, it can be elusive for so many men. Here’s what I hear from the men I have worked with over the years….

  • “I want to feel close to those I care for but I often just don’t have the words to say so”.
  • “I have needs and longing too- but it somehow doesn’t feel like I have the right to express them”
  • “I just feel so alone in my struggles- like the responsibility is all on my shoulders”
  • “I just feel like the only emotion that is ok for me to express is anger”

For so many men, the desire is there for authentic connection, but they just don’t have the skills or tools to make that happen. They are caught in a bind where the “old rules” don’t apply, and they just haven’t been taught a “new way” of being in the world.

And that’s why I’ve developed this program just for men who want to find a powerful new way forward in their relationships, work, life, and with themselves.

Based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown- this group will support one another in practicing the skills for healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships and lives:

It’s a gathering of men, just like you who want to learn to:

  • find a language to ask for what they need and want
  • access their deeper emotions without fear of reprisal
  • learn to set healthy boundaries
  • break out of the “man box” of toxic masculinity so they can express their authentic self to the world

I know we live in a culture that is dominated by a toxic form of masculinity- government leaders who emulate it- an economic system that supports it and a culture that teaches it.

What I have learned from the many men I work with is that you feel constrained by the unwritten rules, beliefs and behaviors you’ve had to live by, and that in order to fit in you’ve had to:

  • suffer pain in silence
  • never express your needs
  • always win- never lose
  • show no emotion other than bravado or rage
  • never depend on anyone
  • and never do anything that could be construed as weakness

And if you don’t fit into the man box by playing by these rules- you have paid the price.

At the least, you have faced feeling invisible, alone and lonely…..and at the worst you have faced disrespect, bullying or even violence.

And what experience shows time and again is that this scramble for dominance and denial of real emotional needs comes at a great cost to all our relationships. This narrow set of rules has threatened to kill your ability to connect authentically to the people you love and care about.

AND it has inhibited your ability to find joy and satisfaction in life.

You might be tired of feeling alone in your struggle to “get it right.”

You’d like to be able to risk enough to make a mistake and go after that big dream, without the fear of failure that inhibits it.

And that’s what this program is all about – learning a new healthy way to show up in this world.

Here’s what the men in the group are saying:

“I’ve never been in a group that was so safe and affirming- everyone just accepts each other wherever they are coming from.”

“It’s the first time I have felt free enough to share some of my hurts and some of my fears- and it just helped ease the pain.”

“We encourage each other, we laugh with each other and even cry with each other, and it all just feels so real”

We’re Starting January 26h, and going weekly through March 29th

You get both my self guided course “LIVING BRAVE & RISING STRONG For Men” and weekly live, guided support with me and a close-knit group of men supporting each other.

And for the men who’ve been through this program before, I have something special just for you to dig into!

I find this combination of perspectives to be the best for everyone in the group, from new members to the seasoned veterans who keep coming back.

 My RISING STRONG MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP is the most powerful part of the work I do.

I have seen the transformation that happens when a group of men come together to support one another in their struggles.

They begin to see that they are not alone, that others feel the same way, they gain confidence and a sense of belonging which is a healing balm.

  • We’ll explore what it takes to live a brave life and show up in the arena, whatever that is for you. In your work, in your relationships, in your own internal struggles. 
  • We’ll talk about the barriers – what has kept you stuck- what has kept you lonely and disconnected.
  • We’ll talk about the biggies – vulnerability, shame, grief.
  • We’ll talk about fear and anxiety and off-loading hurt.
  • We’ll begin to explore the role of emotion in our lives- how to process and manage when we feel overwhelmed or triggered.
  • We’ll learn a healthy way to set boundaries
  • And we’ll learn some coping tools and methods and practice using them together.

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What You’ll Get in this Program

Program Logistics:

We’ll then meet every Friday at noon PST via Zoom until 1:30pm. Starts Jan 26th for our first live Zoom session, and goes for 10 weeks.

You’ll also get access to weekly content in the course portal to review and apply during the week. And we’ll address each week’s topics on our Friday sessions.

For those new to the group:

You’ll also be getting free access to my self-guided program “LIVING BRAVE & RISING STRONG For Men” – based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown and her research into how to step into loss, disappointment, failure and learn to rise strong and use those experiences for growth and healing.

It includes videos Dr. Brown, sharing her work on resilience, getting up after failure or loss, how to cope with anxiety or depression and most importantly how to connect authentically with those you love.

And Men’s Group members also get weekly videos from me and our weekly live sessions to go deeper into the material, share stories, and put these principles into practice.

For returning members:

This is your opportunity to go deeper and get the continued support to continue your Rising Strong journey.

In addition to the work of Brené Brown we will be reading some new material in this session.

This session we will be reading John Kim’s book:
“The Angry Therapist: A NO BS Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth”

About the book:

His radical new approach, that he sometimes calls “self-help in a shot glass” is easy, real, and to the point. He helps people make changes to their lives so that personal growth happens organically, just by living.

With anecdotes illustrating principles in action (in relatable and sometimes irreverent fashion) and stand-alone practices and exercises, Kim gives readers the tools and directions to focus on what’s right with them instead of what’s wrong.

Don’t miss out! Join today.