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You’ll find yourself becoming more resilient, feeling safer, and being able to better handle the challenges of going after your big, bold, authentic life.

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Find your path guided with daily motivation, simple practices, and nuggets of wisdom. I will be sharing the teachings from some of the top researchers on the topic – people like Dr. Kristen Neff, Dr. Brené Brown, Chris Germer and more. And I’ll be sharing my own 25 years of professional experience helping people transform their lives and overcome the inner hurdles holding them back.

I will share exercises designed to help you find a voice for you inner compassionate guide and help to quiet that inner critic.

We will explore the barriers to self compassion and how to break through those barriers like perfectionism, shame and comparison thinking…

We’ll explore the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving for excellence. We’ll do meditations, and guided visualizations together. We’ll develop Self Compassion Mantras and learn tools to calm and soothe and remind ourselves of our worthiness and “good-enoughness”.

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