About Cynthia Benge

opt-in-photo-revDiving deep will bring up challenges, the truth — and lasting transformation.

It did for me. It can for you, too.

I’ve been where you might be right now…..stuck, wanting to change and not knowing how. I was wanting to break free but felt locked in either the same old struggles or helplessness and fear.

In fact at one point in my life, after a painful divorce, I became agoraphobic. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the diagnosis- it means you are literally too scared to go out of your house. Now that’s what I call STUCK.

I felt like I was living in a nightmare and that’s what motivated me to begin my process of change- what I call my unfolding. Needless to say it has been a long process, but worth every step of the way. As I look back now I realize it was the beginning of all the wonderful things in my life as I know it today.

Now I’m privileged to be able to guide others to their own transformation. I share this story to encourage you to know that diving deep will bring up challenges, but also the truth. And it will always bring transformation.


A therapist for over 20 years, I guide people from their own “stuck” places to a life full of adventure, meaning and satisfying relationships. I worked my way to become a masters level graduate of the University of Washington School of Social Work. As a result, I’ve served hundreds of clients from a broad spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, sexual and faith orientations.

Through years of training and experience, I bring a deep understanding of:

  • The adult and childhood developmental process,
  • The complexity of couple dynamics
  • And communication, conflict resolution and parenting strategies for families.

My Process

My clients and colleagues tell me I bring a genuine concern and empathy into all my encounters. They tell me I offer a safe and nurturing space to grow and experiment with the change process.

My goal is to help clients find both the meaning for their behaviors as well as a clear understanding of what’s holding them back, always encouraging them to find the “gift of growth” in every situation.

I use a process known as Emotion Focused Therapy, which is a proven scientifically based approach that utilizes your feelings as a key to uncover your “real truth”- your greatest needs, longings and dreams. And once we activate that authentic “feeling place” we uncover your “real story”. We find what is keeping you “stuck” and then we can find answers that make sense to you. And when that happens you are free to develop an action plan that can move you forward to be your best self- for the rest of your life!


BS University of Oregon MSW

University of Washington School of Social Work

Licensing and Certifications

Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Communication Trainer

Trained in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, Imago Therapy, Non-Violent Communication and Parenting with Love & Logic

Training in Shame Resilliancy with Dr. Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™  – 10 Guideposts to Whole Hearted Living

Mindfulness Meditation

Reiki Body Work

Professional Activities and Memberships

Member- National Association of Social Workers

Member- Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Member- Pacific Northwest Psychoanalytic Society


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