A Weekend Men’s Retreat April 19-21

Spend a powerful weekend in the Whidbey woods with Cynthia Benge and Edan Zebooloon and a small tribe of fellow men, delving deep into the heart of what it means to be a man today.

Its a call to men who aspire to lead lives driven by purpose, deeper connection, values, and authenticity, while having some fun along the way. It’s summer camp for a man’s soul and you’re invited!

This retreat is not just an event; it’s a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. It’s an opportunity to shed societal masks, confront insecurities, and embrace a new vision of masculinity that is effective, powerful, and self-actualized. 

Through experiential exercises, group discussions, and expert guidance, participants will explore the traits of a healthy masculine identity, fostering strengths and connecting to their greater good and highest potential.

It’s set in the serene backdrop of the Whidbey Institute in Langley, Washington, and filled with fun, enriching activities like hiking, campfires, home-cooked organic food, and soulful relaxation.

Masculinity is at a crossroads now more than ever.

Men today are confused about what it means to be an authentic man. Gender stereotypes and ideas about traditional masculinity are being called into question.

And in that milieu, men are questioning what it means to be a man- what are their roles, what defines their identities? How do they show up in relationships, at work, as a father or mentor or leader?

My colleague Edan Zebooloon and I have worked for decades providing support to men in relationships and individually to find their authentic place in the world.

After working with hundreds of men we found that it was common for men to “wear a mask” so to speak to hide their insecurities and portray an image that fit the cultural expectations of “man enough”.

It is clear that men as a group have power, but individually many men have feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. They didn’t have role models; fathers, mentors, leaders who taught them the skills they needed to be effective in their primary relationships.

We work with men every day helping them create a new definition of what it means to be effective, powerful, self actualized men in the world of today.

Get to the Heart of what it Means to be Man in Today’s World

Google provides this definition for the characteristics of the modern man:

“He is confident, driven, proactive, emotionally intelligent, self-aware, and compassionate, and he values and respects the opinions of others. By embracing these traits and continuously working towards self-discovery and growth, the modern man can lead a fulfilling life and make a positive impact on the world.” – Google

But what does that look like? Where are the mentors, the fathers, the leaders helping men shape their identity?

In the past 3 years we have formed a Men’s Support Group which is a  forum for men to come together and share their journey in becoming and to learn together how they can become the men they long to be.

Here’s what the participants are saying:

“Both Edan and Cynthia create a safe container for us to really take stock of where we are withdrawing and how we can take concrete steps to show up authentically in our relationships”

“This is the first time I have been in a group of men where I felt safe enough to share my real feelings and struggles. I found not only support but inspiration to make the changes I needed to move forward”

“This group and the material presented provided real tools to help me transform my relationships- my boss even commented on how much more confidence she saw in me”

We have seen first hand the power in a group setting for men to feel not so alone, that their struggles are real, but that there are tools and behaviors that can transform their relationships and help them lead more satisfying and productive lives.

Toward that end, we are excited to announce our newest offering…


April 19th 4pm—April 21st at noon

Whidbey Institute – Langley, Washington

Join us as we embark on a journey together to explore a new vision of what the modern man can become.

Through experiential exercises, group discussion and sharing, as well as didactic teaching, we will unmask the traits of a healthy masculine identity. Highlighting the traits that are strengths of masculine energy and helping men connect to their greater good and highest potential.

Together, we will…

HIKE in the beautiful forested trail system surrounding the idyllic Whidbey Institute

FEAST on home cooked organic food

SHARE intimate fireside chats in an outdoor setting

RELAX in “The Sanctuary” with guided visualization, meditation and breathing exercises designed to help you unwind from a busy life

GATHER with other like-minded men who want to support your journey to becoming a better man

PARTICIPATE in ritual cleansing – letting go of old life scripts and habits that keep you stuck

We need to help men create a new definition of what it means to be an effective, powerful, self actualized man in today’s world. We need men who are connected and loving partners, fathers and friends. We need effective leaders and change-makers in the world. We need men who are self-actualized and ready to lead purpose-driven and powerful lives- that reflect their values and truest goals.

Won’t you join our tribe?

Cost: $899

Cost includes:
All program materials, food and lodging in semi private bedrooms with shared bath.

This event is currently full. Sign up on the waitlist below to get first chance on any spots that open up.

We are working on securing 2 more spots but they will have separate single accomodations.

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Retreat Leaders:

Edan Zebooloon, MA, LMHC

Certified Emotion-Focused Therapist

Cynthia Benge, MSA, LMHC

Emotion-Focused Therapist