A Weekend of Daring Greatly

I’m basking in the glow of my weekend with a tribe of awesome women who Dared Greatly.

A tribe that dove deep with one another, sharing their visions for their future and dancing with their fears and the inner critics that hold them back.

I am always so honored and in awe of the courage it takes and the willingness these brave women have as they tapped into their inner mentors and discovered some of their hidden callings. They supported each other in the quest to Dare Greatly and Live Brave. It is an honor and privilege to do this work.

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Here’s what some of them shared…..

“Cynthia created a warm and safe environment to face challenging ideas that prompted some very personal change. Her compassionate response to each persons sharing and questions gave me courage to explore some really tender and important areas of my llife. So grateful for these 2 days!”

“You helped me crystalize my learning into an action plan that i am excited about. There are not many places that you can show up and be vulnerable and authentic- you made it safe to unfold my truth”

“A deep bow of gratitude for the gift of transformation, your abiity to meet people where they are and guide them compassionately to an “Ah-ha” is beautiful…”

“Brené Brown’s work came alive- with time to reflect, write and apply each layer of learning to my life experience was awesome”

I couldn’t be more pleased or more proud of these brave souls.

Here’s to Living Brave and supporting each other in the work!

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