Relationships can be healed. Trauma and loss can be transformed. What is confusing can be understood.

Through Emotion Focused Therapy – we unlock the mysteries of healthy relationships so you can live, love, parent and lead from a place of whole-hearted connection. These scientifically based methods create lasting neurological changes you can feel.

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Unlock Your Potential for Meaningful Relationships and a Purposeful Life:

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Do you long for a more meaningful life where your relationships are positive and powerfully connecting, but you just don’t know how? You are not alone.

Having healthy relationships is the number one determinant of happiness and life satisfaction and yet most of us don’t have the knowledge or experience to develop or sustain them. Relationships are the medium through which we live and breathe and have our being. When they go well- we experience happiness, contentment and productivity.

When they are in distress- our world falls apart. Whether that is between parent and child, spouse to spouse, co-worker to boss, or neighbor to neighbor. Becoming aware of your emotional needs and desires and learning to communicate that to others is the essence of emotional intelligence.

Science is now proving what we have intuitively known all along- that emotional intelligence is the key to healthy, productive , resilient and happy people.

And the good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned. The ability to identify and regulate our feelings, the ability to communicate our needs and desires in non-defensive methods, the flexibility and the resilience to learn new strategies for coping with change and stress – these are all skills that can be learned and developed.

With tested techniques and practice- you can learn the language your partner’s, family member’s and co-worker’s are speaking so you can decipher what it is they are trying to tell you. And more importantly you can learn to get to the heart of what is important in your own voice so you can communicate your truth in ways that will create the connection, understanding and meaningful relationships you are longing for….. I can show you how.

It is my passion to walk alongside individuals, couples, families and teams as they navigate the journey of living, working with, and loving each other well.

I was where you are – alone, discouraged in pain. Through diving deep and walking through my own journey of growth I discovered a passion for helping others. I’ve walked that path through 20 years of learning, growing and expanding. It is my privilege to walk that journey with you.

Transforming Lives one relationship at a time.


Transform Your Life

May Day! May Day!

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! I have 2 spots left for my upcoming Whidbey Island Rising Strong Retreat—and one of them has your name on it! Just because it’s spring and my favorite season, and just because I have 2 spots left for my retreat… I’m gong to extend the early bird...

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Hello Spring!

It’s my favorite time of year—a time for new beginnings, for starting over, and for busting out new potentials. The flowers know it, the trees show it, the air is fresh with the scent of movement and change.

I have lots of spring rituals that rev me up and move me forward and charge me into setting some new goals and intentions. They include the usual: a spring detox cleanse, a closet purge, and of course there’s the garden that needs planning and digging and planting. I always try a new exercise routine as well—just to keep my body guessing. And I set a goal to learn something new—this year it’s Mah Jong. An antique set was on my Christmas list and I can’t wait to set it up and try it out.

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6 Steps to Self-Love this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is upon us and for many people this holiday, so filled with loving intentions, can actually fill many of us with a sense of dread. It might be the fact that you don’t have a sweetheart at the moment, or that you have longings or expectations that are never quite met.

If you’re in a “holiday funk” this Valentine’s Day I invite you to shake things up a bit and create a Do It Yourself Love Fest.

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Grateful for the Transformative Journey and Invite You to Join Me

As we close out this holiday focused on gratitude I am keenly aware that one of the things I am most grateful for in my life is the incredible gift I have through my work to witness amazing transformation in the lives of real people day after day.

It is possible to live freely and whole-heartedly ~  with joy, a sense of deep connection, and meaningful purpose. I know that from my own lived experience. And those who decide to walk this path with me are forever changed.

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After a 20 year phobia of flying… I flew to Paris!

Do you know what it feels like to struggle with something really hard for what seems like an eternity? Have you given up on something because the battle seemed like... "If it is this hard, something must be wrong about it." I’ve been there. I know what that feels...

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