Beyond Life’s Mid-Point to a Life of Significance


And you
When will you begin that long journey
Into yourself?
– Rumi


I’m feeling grateful for my age.

Not the creaky knees and grey hair part… but the wisdom part.

Where I’ve gained the necessary perspective that life is a journey full of both heart-breaking sadness and exquisite joy.

And the awareness that the parts that break your heart are the very essence of what brings you the most joy.

The holidays are upon us. And I’m aware that the wisdom I’ve gained over the years allows me to embrace both the joyful anticipation of special time with family and friends as well as the deep and tender sadness of missing those I loved and lost.

I can touch into both and allow them to sit side by side at my table.

I’m aware that while there will be no pitter patter of little feet or squeals of joy on Christmas morning. I’m also grateful that I have a son who is now a better cook than I am to help me plan and orchestrate the holiday meals.

I’m aware that while I’m missing my extended family who are spread across the country and it will be just “my dear family of 4” at the Thanksgiving table that we are a small but mighty tribe who love each other well and deeply.

My age has provided me the perspective that life is a mixed bag.

It’s Mid-Life for me now.

I reached a marker birthday this year.

I watched my youngest graduate from college. And launched him off into the world…

I celebrated 30 years with my sweetheart.

I can look back at a rich career that provided the blessing of walking alongside the most amazing people and sharing in their journey of becoming.

I have so much to be grateful for… and yet…

I’m feeling the loss of my role as “full-time” mom.

And the recognition that my time with my dear Mom is a finite reality.

I’m thankful for the “extra time” I have now to do my daily yoga and my nightly ritual of tea and a good book- but I’m also missing that nighttime ritual of tucking little ones into bed- and even the frenzy of the morning routine getting kids off to school.

I have more time to “think” now.

And I’m aware that I’m looking forward to the next phase of my life with the same perspective I’m looking forward to the holidays. There is some sadness and loss there. Some trepidation about what comes next.

As well as some excitement and anticipation for the surprises and open opportunities this new time of life affords.

It’s that messy middle place – where I can look back and say WOW- that was a lot of work and I learned so much and I’m so grateful for the journey


There are some big regrets – there were some missed opportunities and some unhealed parts still yet to work through


I still have some adventures and dreams I hope to realize.

Am I ready? What do I need to know to move forward? How do I move from one phase of significance to another?

One of my goals this year is to support women who are in this Mid-life process with me.

Women who are at a transition point in their lives.

Women who have a perspective from a life well-lived to apply to the life they still have yet to live.

Women who yearn to find their own significance and utilize all the gifts their journey afforded them.

It may be the end of an era, but it’s also the beginning of a new one.

Are you a woman who is at a cross-roads-and wondering what the next steps will be?

  • Maybe you find yourself at a mid-point in your career and you are looking for the PERFECT FIT for your next move and you’re not sure how to find it.
  • Maybe you’ve raised a family and given all you have to others and now you’re ready to realize your own dreams  like learning to paint or dance or travel – but your inner critic is holding you back.
  • Maybe you still have a dream of embarking on that brilliant business plan you’ve always wanted to try and your fears of failure or not being good enough are holding you back.
  • Maybe you are ready to move from success to significance and want to move forward with a purpose… but trying to find something meaningful and perfect for you seems so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start.
  • Maybe you are in a place of wanting to make some sense of your story so you can move forward free of old wounds and limitations… to rework some hurt relationships or past disappointments.

How YOU can step forward into the next phase of your life… creating a life of significance.

Join us and discover how you can move forward with more authenticity and resiliency and with a deeper sense of your worthiness.

  • We’ll uncover how we can transform our life of bittersweet experience into new stories of empowerment, and new pathways of meaning and significance.
  • We’ll address the unique circumstances we face crossing this life threshold at the mid-point, and what it means for identity, our wounds from the past, and the courage to move forward with meaningful purpose and authenticity.
  • We’ll find our vision for this wild and wonderful life still ahead of us. And the stepping stones to get us unstuck and moving forward through our fears and old, limiting stories that try to tell us we can’t.

Our life is still unfinished.

The place of the messy middle can be confusing, even depressing. It can make us question who we are and where we’re going.

But we women have so much more left to give. More than at any other point in our lives. All it takes is for us rise strong and dare to go forth greatly.

This small, intimate workshop is both educational and deeply experiential- designed to provide a safe and supportive space for you to identify what’s holding you back from stepping more fully into the life you truly desire. Where our values and most significant truths guide the next steps – and the second acts that we long for.


“I greatly appreciate the space that Cynthia created for each of us to share our stories whenever we were ready to do so with no pressure, just encouragement. She adapted the schedule as we needed and made sure we were all heard and supported”

“This weekend was profoundly meaningful! Cynthia creates a connecting, safe learning environment where we were all free to explore big aspects of our lives, inviting positive growth and change toward developing our best selves. We were so well cared for, from the food, to the location, to the programming- every detail was so well thought out and contributed to a regenerating and re-fueling retreat weekend!”

“This was a lovely weekend of Rising Strong with smart and emotionally intelligent women. I felt like it gave me a start to redefine my life and give voice to my feelings which I’m not always comfortable with. I came away with the courage to go deeper”

“For every session Cynthia had great bits of wisdom that made the material come alive and really resonated with me this weekend! Fabulous!”


It’s a gift to yourself to take some time away to ask some of those big questions.

And take the time to ponder and plan and dream and hope. To find clarity and meaning.

And to have a guide at your side that can help you find your way forward, or unravel those old wounds, or reveal that strength and courage within you…

To create a life of wonderful significance.

And start to free yourself from your past identities, wounds, and limitations.

Daring Greatly From the Mid-Point Forward will show you how to move forward from your core values and live a whole-hearted life where your most significant truths drive your steps forward.

All in the context of the very phase of life you find yourself now, with people who know exactly what you’re going through. So everything is tailored to what you face right now in your life.

January 20th & 21st
The Saturn Building –Fremont


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And then coming in April take it one step further….

Rising Strong From the Mid-Point Forward ISLAND RETREAT will show you how to make sense of your story and write some new endings. How to learn from the losses and how to rumble with the unhealed parts of your journey so you can move forward with more truth and authenticity.

April 13-15th
Whidbey Island, Washington


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