5 Sure Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

As the new year begins, so do resolutions. But what if you could be part of the 8% who succeed instead of the 92% who don’t?

These are my tried and true, sure-fire ways to ensure success with your New Year’s resolutions this year:

1. Make Sure Your Goal is Specific & Doable

Instead of going big with your goals like “losing 25 lbs, or increasing your business revenue by 50%”, take time to set small “doable” goals like:

“I’m going to cut out sugar and processed foods for one week.”

Or…. “I’m going to enact a new business idea each month for a year”

Or… “I’m going to contact 2 entrepreneurs I admire and see if I can set up an informational meeting with them.”

Then give yourself a reward each time you meet your objective.

You will find yourself building on your successes instead of chastising yourself for not meeting your goals.

Remember each step accomplished is a building block foundation for the rest of the job.

2. Set One Goal at a Time and Focus There

It’s easy to use the excitement of the New Year to entice us to try to take on the world.

Yet, taking one or two steps at a time assures greater success.

All that excitement and gusto will fade, and that inspiring list of goals will quickly become an overwhelming monster. Instead, capitalize on that initial motivation on a single goal, and you’ll be able to keep going when the excitement dies down and you’re faced with the day to day reality of life.

Pick the goal that would make the biggest improvement in your life right now and focus there.

When we have too many competing intentions it can spread our awareness too thin. We lose our momentum and follow through… which is crucial for making the change in lifestyle we desire or accomplishing our goals.

3. Create a Goal with Soul

That is choose goals that align with your inner purpose or values, instead of choosing something you think you “should do.”

That way you are aligning with your natural excitement and energy.

And you’re drawn towards a goal that resonates deeply.

In her book THE DESIRE MAP, Danielle La Porte reminds us that all goals spring forth from a desire to feel a certain way. So if you focus on how you want to feel rather than what you are going to do, you are more motivated to find a goal with authenticity that touches your soul and unique desires for your life.

Do you want to make sure your goal doesn’t become just another boring thing on your “to-do” list?

Then create a goal that speaks to your soul’s desire to flourish!

Ask yourself “how will I feel when I achieve this goal” Remind yourself of that feeling each time you have a choice to make regarding sticking to your plan or heading off in another direction.

4. Set Up Your Environment for Success

Ask yourself:

”What do I need to eliminate or add to my environment to support my success?”

“What are the barriers or the places I get tripped up in achieving my goals?”

Is it eliminating a toxic relationship? Unsubscribing from superfluous emails? Is it joining a gym or making your lunch the night before?

Is it letting go of negative self-talk and adding a positive mantra to your computer screen?

Preparation and attention to your environment will increase your success rate dramatically. Set up your environment for success, and your results will follow.

5. Finally, Gather Your Tribe to Support Your Goals

Hire a business coach or a therapist or personal trainer.

Tell the people who are your supporters what you are trying to accomplish.

Invite your partner or your “bestie” to join you in the endeavor. Or ask them if you can call them or text when you feel yourself waivering.

Join a group or take a class or sign up for a workshop.

We can’t go it alone. We were never meant to. We need our people beside us cheering us on and reminding us of our best selves.

We also need their comfort and encouragement when we inevitably fail or fall short of our goals, reminding us to get back on the horse.

It really is one step at a time.

The small changes that are sustainable over time are the ones that add up to big transformations. Here’s to taking the bold small steps in 2018.

What You Can Do for the Support and Tools You Need

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